Guess How Much Money Taylor Swift Earned Last Year...

Ok, not only did she nab herself Clavin Harris last year, and basically live the life of all our dreams- Inflatable Swans in her pool? Hanging with Gigi on her private jet? It's almost too much to take.


But while doing all this, Taytay was busy earning herself a fortune. She had a headline world tour, bringing a different famous pal to the stage pretty much every date and released her smash hit album 1989. According to the recently released Billboard Top Money Makers of 2015 list, Taylor blazed ahead of the top-earners list, earning a grand total of $73.5 million. IN ONE YEAR. The highest proportion of this came from the $61.7 million she made from the tour. As if we weren't jealous enough already!


Video: Taylor Swift & Kanye West Feud Continues After Met Gala 2016



Credit: HollywoodLife

College Times Staff

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