Watch: The Trailer For The New Halloween Movie Is Genuinely Terrifying

Watch: The Trailer For The New Halloween Movie Is Genuinely Terrifying

It's autumn which means darker evenings and a fleet of new horror movies to terrify ourselves over.

This year Halloween is coming back with a bang as the original slasher movie Halloween is returning for its long-awaited sequel.

It's 40 years since Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, first pushed Michael Myers, a lunatic who murdered his family and her friends, out a window only for him to mysteriously disappear. After years of solitude, Laurie has decided to fast the past and defeat Michael Myers once and for all.

While the Halloween movies have had a number of sequels over the years, the Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers storylines are considered the central plot to the movies and the creators are calling this Halloween the definitive sequel to the 1978 version, disregarding the events of Halloween H20 and Resurrection.

With quaint suburban settings, final girls and serial killers, a slasher relies on a unique formula to give you those jump scares but there's one addition to the slasher/ horror formula that drives anxiety straight through your heart - the music.

Halloween's eerie piano score is probably one of the most recognizable features of all slasher movies and it's what makes this John Carpenter movie such a classic.

We don't doubt the latest and final chapter in the Halloween saga, 20 years since Halloween: H20, will be worth the watch but make sure you catch the original first:


Halloween will be released on October 19.

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