15 Home And Away Characters You Haven't Thought Enough About Recently

15 Home And Away Characters You Haven't Thought Enough About Recently

Today marks the 30th birthday of an after-school institution. Home and Away first debuted on Australian screens in 1988 and since then, many of us have grown up watching the iconic soap.

Weekdays after dinner, Irish kids across the country would sit down at half six on the dot and lose themselves in the lives of Summer Bay's residents. From stalkers and cults to ghosts and natural disasters, the town has seen it all and many people have made a name for themselves on the show.

In celebration of this milestone, we're going to cast your mind back to a few fine characters that frolicked around Palm Beach at one time or another.

1. Pippa Ross

With open arms, Pippa welcomed A LOT of foster kids to the caravan park. Always with the wise words, she was the mammy we all secretly wanted.


2. Shannon Reed

One of the many kids who Pippa took under her wing, the character was played by Isla Fisher from 93-97. We're sure you've seen her in the odd thing since then.

3. Shane Parrish

Remember Shane?! One of the main pinup's of the '90s, thousand mourned the loss of the town hottie when he died from blood poisoning in 96.


4. Angie Russell

Resident weirdo Angie caused chaos wherever she went. One of her many storylines saw her falsely frame a student for sexual assault. Speaking of which...


5. Nick Smith, 6. and 7. Kirsty and Jade

One of Irene's foster kids back in the day, Nick had his fair share of relationship drama with twins Kirsty and Jade, before leaving the bay for the bright lights of Hollywood.

Along with the rest of their family, the Sutherland sisters heralded a golden era for the soap when they first arrived in 2000. It later transpired that a newborn Jade had been switched at birth, which meant they weren't twins after all. Hate when that happens.


8. Kim Hyde

Before his Thor days, Chris Hemsworth played the happy-go-lucky surfer dude who married Rachel but had a baby with Kit who he subsequently left the bay with.

9. Donald Fisher

Flathead was our fave. Putting him and dizzy Marilyn together seemed a bit mad at the time, but it just worked.


10. Jack Holden

Everyone's favourite cop, hearts collectively broke when Jack accidentally got shot and left the love of his life Martha forever. Sniff.


11. Aden And 12. Belle

The classic on and off again couple brought us top notch emotional drama until Belle tragically passed away from cancer not long after the pair got hitched.

13. Ric and 14. Mathilda

Ahhh, remember these guys? One of the rare classic Home and Away couples where neither person died, Ric is also Alf 'Flamin Mongrel' Stewart's grandson, so these two could definitely make a comeback in the future!


15. Vinnie Patterson

Leah's first of many husbands and Vijay's dad, Vinnie got sent to prison after being framed by a business partner. He had a pretend death before it transpired that he was actually in witness protection. Later, it was revealed that he'd died in a farming accident off-screen. Keeping up? We're not.

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