Horrific Boss Stories That Will Boil Your Blood

Horrific Boss Stories That Will Boil Your Blood

Pretty much everyone has had to deal with having a shite boss at some stage. Whether it's in retail, a pub or a restaurant there are some serious horror stories.

With everything from a manager having a blacklist to forcing someone to put their hand in a deep fat fryer – these stories are pretty bad. We've gathered some of the worst stories as told by you for your pure reading pleasure.


1. Ailbhe

When I was around 15 my boss who was gay kept her swipe card in a pocket that was on her boob. I asked her for the swipe card so I could use my discount and she leaned over and said, 'you can come and get it' – I still shudder thinking about it.

2. Gary

I worked in a fast food restraunt (we won't say which one) and they got an employee to train someone new even though they weren't trained to do this. They basically told him that when you drop something into the deep fat fryer by mistake you should dig it out. The new guy actually did it and left with third degree burns, safe to say he never came back.


3. Mark

I used to work in Tesco and one of the managers was only like 20 and actually fired someone for saying they were sick one day.

4. Brian

A manager I once had told me to come into work in town for Paddy's Day for a meeting then when I showed up told me it wasn't on anymore. It took me 3 hours to get home that day.

5. Claire

My old boss would literally randomly accuse people of stealing things without having any proof whatsoever.


6. Mikey

My boss was an English man who would say 'lovely, perfect, happy days' for absolutely anything – I hated him.


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