Here's How To Find Out Your Entire Spotify History For 2017

Here's How To Find Out Your Entire Spotify History For 2017

Before Spotify how did we ever manage to find that random song we binged on back in 2002?

Remember being glued to the radio and pressing the record button at the right time so you could hear your treasured song again and again? If you do, you'll also remember that Limewire became an essential website virus for everyone was making CDs before queuing songs on Youtube became a thing. Spotify changed our lives and the wrapped service is the perfect free end of year present to yourself:

How to find Spotify 2017 year in review just for you

Now, to put the icing on your musical cake, you can now view your entire 2017 Spotify history. All you need to do is go to 2017wrapped.com and log in with your Spotify details.


You can rediscover all the music you loved in 2017 and even the tunes you may have forgotten about. You can find out the amount of time you've spent listening to 'Despacito' and the genres you love. The website will even quiz you on what you think is your most loved artists and songs before giving you the results.

Click here to check it out.

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