Pokémon And Snapchat Are Finally Collaborating And It's A Treat

Pokémon And Snapchat Are Finally Collaborating And It's A Treat

Ever wondered how to get a Pikachu filter on Snapchat? Well, it looks like you'll have to wait no longer as Snapchat has now released its very own Pokémon filter and it's the collaboration we didn't know we needed.

The next big Snapchat filter is all about the dancing Pikachu who will jump around your yellow and black painted face as it electrocutes the screen.  How do I get my new Pokémon filter I hear you say? Simply update your Snapchat account in the App or Android store and open the Snapchat app. Turn the screen to selfie and tap your phone screen. A number of circles will appear and the first should be the yellow monster Pikachu. Words spread fast as fans of the series were quick to post their snaps online:


Pokémon shows no signs of ever slowing down as the companies games, toys, and Pokémon Go app, continues to keep everyone talking. It's unclear whether or not the popular app will host any other popular monsters from the show but it's looking good to us!  Be quick and take a selfie as Pikachu's only available for a limited time! It'll be a welcome break from the dog ears selfie anyway.

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