Netflix's Game-Changing New Feature Will Transform Your Viewing Habits

Netflix's Game-Changing New Feature Will Transform Your Viewing Habits

Those of you who lose the mind at the standard of internet coverage on your weekly commute home, fear not!

Netflix have now added a 'view offline' feature which download videos, allowing you to watch them at a later time. This means that you can now load up the next Gilmore Girls episode before you get on public transport and lose signal the far side of the Dunkettle Interchange.



In terms of data usage, Netflix say that there is little difference between downloading and streaming so you don't have anything to fear. They do however recommend you consider using WiFi but that's just dependent on your data plan.

Needless to say the reaction to the news has been one of utter joy.



The download function is certainly a game-changer for students who spend a lot of time traveling but it also be unbelievably useful should be taking any long flights in future. Never again will I have to sit through old episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond for eight hours on a journey to America.

I guess you wondering how to watch Netflix offline now, aren't you? To use the feature, simply hit the down arrow beside play button, as shown below.

how to watch netflix offline

Happy viewing!

Mark Farrelly

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