Ireland's Favourite Movie Is Being Turned Into A Play

Ireland's Favourite Movie Is Being Turned Into A Play

A movie loved by young and old, The Snapper is one of Ireland's greats and don't we love talking about it.

Anytime it's on TV, which is a lot, you're guaranteed to hear someone say "Sharon Curley's up the pole" or "Sober, Sharon, sober!" at least once the next day. Now, you can see the whole movie in real time as the movie has been transformed into a play.

The Roddy Doyle book, which is part of his Barrytown trilogy, will complete a run at Dublin's Gate Theatre over the summer. The biggest change from the movie will be the characters second name. Rabbitte was actually the family's second name in the book but Hollywood bigwigs had to change the family name to Curley.

Don't worry though, the Gate Theatre released stills from the set and it looks like the cast of the play won't budge from the classic looks of Tina Kellegher or Colm Meaney.

Simon Delany, Bachelors Walk, and Hilda Fay, The Vagina Monologues, will play Sharon's gas parents Jimmy and Veronica Rabbitte. Tickets for the show are already selling out fast so it's up to you to grab your tickets asap.


If you're looking for the ultimate 90s throwback, The Snapper is due on the 14th of June and ticket prices range from €27-40.

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