Ireland's Reaction To 'Two Shades Of Green' Last Night Wins 2016

Ireland's Reaction To 'Two Shades Of Green' Last Night Wins 2016

Euro 2016 was huge for Ireland this year. Not only was it the most Googled thing in the country in 2016, it was also the most watched live event. And clearly it will never be forgotten, as is obvious by the HUUUUUGE reaction on Twitter last night to the brilliant RTÉ documentary 'Two Shades of Green'.

Fans could not hold back their joy, tears and excitement at rewatching behind the scenes of the sporting event of the year and we've got some of the greatest tweets from viewers:

Nothing else comes close

It was pretty emotional


Never a truer word spoken

We love our president even if he's a Galway supporter


I'm not crying, you're crying.

Wes Hoolahan is our hero

We hope so!




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