The Definitive Ranking Of The Best Sunday Mass Songs

The Definitive Ranking Of The Best Sunday Mass Songs

Who doesn't love an aul tune from mass? Sometimes you could be sitting on the bus and you'll remember that hymn your teacher taught you back in primary school. If you're still wondering what the name of that belter was, then fret no more. We've got you covered. Here's our definitive ranking of the best songs from mass:

14. Daniel O' Donnell - Be Not Afraid

We couldn't have a list without Daniel now, could we?

13. Kitty Cleveland - On Eagle's Wings

Who doesn't want to be raised on an eagle's wings?


12. Brian Kennedy - You Raise Me Up

Brian, you always know how to raise us up. *slow clap*


11. The Irish Tenors - Be Thou My Vision

A visionary song about vision. Move over Specsavers. God's here.

10. Mary Black - Fields Of Gold

This song is sung during Mass when the congregation hopes for a good harvest season and we couldn't exist without it. How would we get our sliced pan without wheat?


9. Angels We Have Heard On High

This list wouldn't be the same without a group of infants spreading the Lord's message.


8. David Hass - You Are Mine

And I am yours.


7. Celtic Woman - Ava Maria


The question we've all been wondering: who is Maria? God knows - literally.


6. Charlotte Church - Pie Jesu

Come back, Charlotte. Mass hasn't been the same without you.


5. Here I Am Lord




4. Susan Boyle - Hallelujah

The Church rejoiced when Susan's voice came on the scene. You could here the congregation from a mile away chanting her name.

3. Andrea Bocelli - Gloria in Excelsis Deo


Latin has never been sexier.

2. Dolores Riordan - Caledonia

Cheap Ryanair flights to Caledonia anyone?


1. Celtic Woman - Amazing Grace

The song to end all songs. I vote Amazing Grace as the official song to end all future sessions.



What's your favourite Mass jam? 


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