The 22 Complaints From Irish People During 'Warm Weather"

The 22 Complaints From Irish People During 'Warm Weather"

Irish weather complaints happen at least once every 30 seconds.

The recent spurt of warm weather brought out the best and worst of times.The best is the golden brown tan, the actual warmth on an Irish beach, the countless activities you can do outside and the overflowing beer gardens.   The worst is the complaints about the "good weather" that we don't need to hear but mildly enjoy

We have to admit it, us Irish love a good aul moan so we do. Here are just 23 of the complaints from Irish people on a warm day:

"I'm absolutely roasting"

"I'm sweatin'!"

"It's fierce warm out there!"


"Are you warm?"

"Jesus, open a window will ya!"

"I can't feckin' sleep in this heat!"

"I have nothing to wear for this weather"

"Where are all these flies coming from?"


"I'm absolutely perched"

"Feck, I've sunburn!"

"I'm on fire!"

"Is it too warm to put the fire on?"


"Ya can't enjoy an ice cream in this weather!"

"The clothes are too dry"

"Jesus, that sun is blinding me!"

"Ya can't enjoy a cup of tea in this weather"

"I can't cook in this weather"


"I can't sleep in this weather"

"You couldn't walk in this weather!"

"The smell of that rubbish bag is awful in this weather!"

"We could do with a drop of rain at some stage"

"God almighty, this weather will be the death of me!"

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