James Highlights The Madness In Our Irish Ways In Last Night's Derry Girls

James Highlights The Madness In Our Irish Ways In Last Night's Derry Girls

Once again, last night's episode of Derry Girls has topped the list of the best one yet. It had us laughing, crying and reminiscing on Irish traditions that you don't actually think of as tradition or a 'that's so Irish' moment until you're watching them on the TV, realising that these things don't happen anywhere else in the world.

There were a few of these moments during last night's episode that had me in stitches. One that everyone was going wild over was when rock the boat came on at the wedding and everyone hurried over to sit on their bottoms and dance. Sure, it wouldn't be an Irish wedding without it!

People were loving the dedication to the dance and the sheer perfection of the routine from the cast.

Aunt Sarah also made a very valid point when Fr Dougal, playing cousin Eamonn, complained about being knocked out of the rock the boat line and getting a bruise. They're the risks you have to take when participating in this detrimental dance.


James didn't seem to sure about rocking the boat himself..

Not only did they have the most Irish wedding ever, but skip ahead and they also nailed it recreating the most Irish funeral ever, including the hectic kitchen of women trying to turn out as many sandwiches as humanly possible. There's always that one relative that never sits during a funeral, and insists on making sure there's an abundance of sandwiches and tea for everyone. Distraction at it's best.


With all the commotion that was going on during the episode, I didn't even catch on to one of James' lines until the last minute, not realising that it is not a shared idea outside of Catholic Ireland to have an open casket at the wake. During this scene Erin and Orla are in the room with the body, stroking her hair, touching her face and standing next to her. Then comes in Michelle, Clare and James. The girls continue to have a normal conversation about whether or not to take hash scones at the wake, while James is stood there in shock, staring at the corpse laid in front of him before asking "Everyone can see the dead body, right?".

You forget that it's an age old traditional Irish thing to have a wake, making this a complete spectacle for James who has never seen a dead body before. Can you believe it?! That's not normal for other people! I can only imagine the faces of the people watching across the way in England.


Who can forget Grandpa Joe buzzing off the hash scones, Sr Michael's hilarious reaction to uncle Colm's boring stories.. "Am I dead? Is this my wake?" and Da Gerry excellently running the wake kitchen. A brilliant episode once again. Roll on next Tuesday!

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