Katy Perry Reveals The Real Reason Behind Her Beef With Taylor Swift

Katy Perry Reveals The Real Reason Behind Her Beef With Taylor Swift

In the last two years, the world of gossip has been inundated with reports that a feud was happening between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Swift's popular song "Bad Blood" was apparently written as a dig at the Perry and the breakdown of their friendship.  Well, for those of you who care or are fans of the pair, your prayers have been answered! KP revealed on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke the real reasons for the pair feuding. Skip to 9:27 if you want to hear about this "beef":

In the details, which have since been removed from the Carpool Karaoke video, KP tells James the pair fell out over backing dancers and contracts. Perry offered her backing dancers a spot on her "Prism" world tour but they were contractually obliged to Taylor Swift's tour "Red". KP told the dancers they needed to put it in the contract to have a months notice. When the dancers approached management about leaving Swifts "Red" tour early to work on the "Prism" tour Swift fired the dancers.

Taylor Swift wrote "Bad Blood" about Katy Perry because she thought Katy Perry was trying to sabotage her world tour but KP wants the beef to end."She started it and it's time for her to finish it. I tried to talk to her and she wouldn't speak to me...I do the right thing anytime it feels like a fumble. It was a complete shutdown...I'm ready for that BS to be done!"Although, was Perry right to call out Swift on such a public platform?

Here's what Twitter had to say:


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