Kendall Jenner Has Finally Made Her Snapchat Public & We're All Over It

We've made no secret of the fact that we're pretty obsessed with Kendall Jenner. She just seems like the most easy going of all the Kardashian Jenner clan. No cray lips or nude selfies. Kendall just works hard to be a supermodel and seems, for lack of a better word, actually nice! (we know - that shit cray)


Her sister is Kylie is queen of Snapchat, with the most followers in the world, and it seems like she's pushed her older sis to get into the game now too. Yassssss!

Kendall took to Kylie's snapchat to announce her account being public, and twitter went completely cray for it. Her username is simply “KendallJenner" for those of you who want to follow her antics, which we're guessing is all of you.


We really just can't stop Keeping Up With The Kardashian-Jenners!



Video: KENDALL JENNER SNAPCHAT VIDEOS 1 (ft.Cara Delevingne,Kylie Jenner,etc.)

Credit: KylizzleSnapchizzle.


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