The Best Love Island Tweets As Everyone Turned On Michael

The Best Love Island Tweets As Everyone Turned On Michael

Ah, Casa Amor. Though for some, it's more like the House of Pain.

The introduction of 12 people into any environment is bound to be a spanner in the works. However, when the name of the game is 'love', you've got drama galore. Much like last year, Casa Amor allows the audience to see the true colours of certain housemates.

The Love Island Twitter reaction was red hot, and here it is:

The crowd turns on Michael

When Michael and Amber first got together, we thought it would last forever*. However, Michael's infatuation with new girl Joanna has done nothing but infuriate viewers. Whilst Michael shows a willingness to get to know Joanna better, Amber refuses to do likewise with the new lads in the house. This is leading us all headfirst into heartache.



Meanwhile, the adoration for Tommy continues

Whilst Michael does Amber dirty, Tommy has remained loyal to Molly-Mae. Furthermore, he even slept with her teddy! My eyes are only watering because of the high pollen count...


The split reaction to Curtis' potential 'head-turn'

Despite being shacked-up with Amy for what seems like the entire season, Casa Amor has Curtis doubting a future between them. The overriding opinion on Twitter was split, with some supporting Curtis and some wanting to protect Amber. Either way, Jourdan's stirring hasn't endeared her to the audience.

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