Louis Theroux Is Filming New Documentary On Sexual Assault And Consent

Louis Theroux Is Filming New Documentary On Sexual Assault And Consent

Our guy, Louis Theroux, is returning to fill our documentary needs once again. One of the most popular documentary presenters of our time is currently recording a new episode on one of the biggest issues as of late.

Without question we know this is going to be amazing if it's anything like his previous documentaries that I've probably spent half of my life watching.

Louis will be making his way over to an American University to delve into the lives of those who are victims of sexual assault, as well as perpetrators themselves.

Louis will give us an insight to this world that will most definitely change our lives forever more, and solve all kinds of disputes.

He will be interviewing students in the Universities who strongly believe in giving classes and guidelines on consent, making the campus more aware of issues revolving around sexual encounters, and giving their students more information on one of the biggest issues that has sweep the nation in recent years.

He will also be talking to University officials and authoritative figures will also be discussing their experiences with sexual harassment, both personally and among students.


The documentary will be titled 'The Night In Question', but does not have a release date just yet. We will keep you posted!

But, for now you can get you Louis fix on Netflix with 'Louis' Weird Weekends', 'Louis Theroux: LA Stories', 'Louis Theroux', or 'Louis Theroux: Saville'

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