Love Island's Adam's Mum Took Over His Twitter And He's In Big Trouble

Love Island's Adam's Mum Took Over His Twitter And He's In Big Trouble

After spending the last two weeks picking and choosing girls as they walk into the villa, discarding one for another, trying to get the best of the best rather than finding love (which is apparently the aim of the game), some of the BIGGEST shade possible has been thrown in Adam's direction and it's from none other than his own MOTHER!

Viewers were shocked last night after what we all knew was going to happen, happened. Rosie and Adam have been on an emotional roller coaster for the last 10 days, which all began when Rosie arrived and Adam ditched Kendall for her, the brand new shiny housemate.

Since then, their relationship has been tested over and over again any time a new girl would enter the house and Adam would show a sly interest in her behind Rosie's back, and then lie to her face when asked if he was interested. Manipulation is something Adam has proven himself to be an expert in, and with no surprise he's done it again!

Although Rosie has proven that she can handle her own messes, and has shown off how well she can deal with confrontation (after all, she is a solicitor), this time round Adam has gotten a serious scolding from the one person who's supposed to be his no.1 supporter.

Adam's mother has taken over his Twitter account while he's trapped within the walls of the villa, and last night she took to it to express her disappointment in her misbehaving 22-year old son, and Love Island fans are LOVING it.


Adam's mother is clearly a huge fan of Rosie after showing her support for the Islander, and her disappointment in Adam letting her go.

She then went on to reconcile with her son's actions, and admitted she will not be disowning him as a result, but still believes he is in the wrong. She spoke about how she feels for Rosie in this situation more so than anything. What a sweetie!


People on Twitter were fascinated by how Adam's own mother had disagreed with what he'd done, and openly expressed it on HIS own Twitter page. The hilarious jokes and reactions to Adam that followed were inevitable.


Either way, no matter how horrible we think he is, we'll still all be tuning in to watch what happens next!

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