The New Black Mirror Trailer Is As Disturbing As You'd Expect

The New Black Mirror Trailer Is As Disturbing As You'd Expect

My father often said to me, "Son, sometimes it can take the dystopian imaginings of a deranged ex-newspaper columnist to truly make us realise that things could in fact be worse in our own world". It is only with hindsight that I realise that he was in fact predicting Charlie Brooker's fantastic television show Black Mirror, rather than it being a sign of, what we presumed to be, the unintelligible ramblings of a man on the cusp of some grave mental collapse, for which we sadly had him institutionalised. All of that is to say that there is a new Black Mirror trailer, for the fourth season of the acclaimed show, and I will yet again be forced to profusely apologise to my father for the terrible misunderstanding in my next letter to him.

If what you've been looking for on this Sunday morning is a slightly disconcerting trailer involving the loss of a small child in a playground; the parent's re-acquisition of said misplaced child and a bit where this very same child has an injection in its temple then, well, you really need to take a long hard look in the mirror and reassess what your looking to get out of your Sunday mornings. Despite that, your luck's in as that's exactly what Charlie Brooker et al. have cooked up in the trailer for this episode, called 'Arkangel' from the upcoming season of Black Mirror.


On first impressions it seems the episode is about immortality and the fear that, were people to conquer death from natural causes, then society would become so over-bearingly controlling and afraid of taking dangerous risks, as we would suddenly feel there was so much more to lose. It's a relatively well known, but mostly pointless theory. However my real hope is that it actually has nothing to do with that and the mysterious 2,000 year old man has no bearing on what is actually going on and he is just a very, very old man who happens to be there. Perhaps the whole injection schtick is simply to implant some tracking device in this pesky child's bonce seeing as she's so prone to getting lost in a 3 foot long tube in a playground.

There is yet to be an official announcement as to when the fourth season of Black Mirror will be available on Netflix, so, I'm going to randomly guess a date and say 7th February 2018. If I am right, know that I am the 21st century Nostradamus (with my predictive powers strictly limited to guessing the airing dates of shows).

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Rory McNab

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