Scrubs Fans Will Love The Trailer For Zach Braff's New Sitcom

Scrubs Fans Will Love The Trailer For Zach Braff's New Sitcom

Beloved television show "Scrubs" went off the air in 2010 when it was cancelled by ABC in the US and honestly, TV has been poorer without Zach Braff's presence. But Scrubs fans can now rejoice, there is a new Zach Braff show coming to your television screen soon!

For millions of us Braff will always be "JD" from Scrubs. Sure, he's got a huge independent film following from his mega hipster favourite "Garden State" (which he wrote and directed as well as starred in), but it's very hard to look at Zach Braff's face and not immediately think "Dr John Dorian".

So that's why we were DELIGHTED with the news that not only is Zach Braff returning to our television screens but he's also teaming up with ex-Scrubs Producer Matt Tarses who will also write the series.

The new show is called "Alex Inc". It's based on the Podcast "StartUp" and tells the true story of Alex Blumberg, a radio journalist who quit his job to start his own company and decided to Podcast the whole experience. Apparently Blumberg was so clueless about starting up a business he thought that he should document the experience for people's entertainment. 'He said, I’ve an idea, my very first podcast will be this meta story, I’ll tell the story of a guy with a family who has no idea how to start a business, trying to start a business,' Braff said.

As with every "true story" in Hollywood, the "true" part is only used as a template for drama and other characters have been added for story purposes. One such character is Alex's best friend "Eddie" who will be played by a familiar face: Soprano's allum Michael Imperlioni, AKA Christopher Moltisanti, who described the pilot of the show as 'very smart and very funny'.


Even more excitingly, the trailer for "Alex Inc" has just been released and it shows that the series will follow a common theme from Scrubs, Braff provides a narration throughout. Clearly Braff and Tarses are sticking to the successful structure that brought them both to the dance. Fans of Scrubs will remember that we heard Zach's character JD essentially tell the story through the thoughts in his head, whereas in "Alex Inc" Zach's character narrates the story through the voice over of his Podcast. Very clever.

The show will debut in the US on March 8th but you can watch the trailer now yourself and see will "Alex Inc" fill the Scrubs shaped hole in your life:

Tony Kelly

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