Prepare To Be Gripped: Louis Theroux's Upcoming BBC Documentary Is Unmissable

Prepare To Be Gripped: Louis Theroux's Upcoming BBC Documentary Is Unmissable

When it comes to documentaries, Louis is the man.

He has provided us with some eye-opening stuff over the years - his unbiased approach to interviews coupled with an expert skill in getting subjects to open up has ensued an impressive catalogue of work.

Fans of his work will be delighted to know that three new documentaries will be airing on BBC this year and the first will be hitting our TV screens on October 8 at 9pm. BBC2 will be broadcasting the documentary which examines America's relationships with prescription painkillers.

USA's crackdown on over-prescribing drugs has lead to an epidemic of heroin abuse and the documentary 'Louis Theroux: Dark States - Heroin Town' will deliver some hard-hitting stories from people in small town America who are most affected by the fall out.

This story will see Louis in Huntington, West Virginia as he immerses himself in the thick of dysfunctionality yet again. How has the crackdown impacted the Appalachian community? How do people cope with the disturbing and widespread affects of heroin abuse?

Because pills have become more expensive and hard to get hold of in the black market, addiction to prescription drugs has led to heroine abuse, so much so that it has led to more fatalities in the US than gun crime or car accidents. The surge of heroin overdoses in America has meant that life expectancy is on the decline for the first time in 20 years.
Looks like Louis will be pulling another emotive and gripping narrative out of his bag of mastery and we can't wait to watch!

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Niamh Burke

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