7 Reality Shows From The Early '00s That Will Make You Think, "Feck, I'm Old!"

7 Reality Shows From The Early '00s That Will Make You Think, "Feck, I'm Old!"

The reality throwback shows that need a revival.

1 Newlyweds

Back when reality shows were real (or at least semi-real), we got a glimpse into the marriage of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. The MTV series turned the pop star couple into TV stars and while they later divorced in 2005, fans were treated to memorable Jess moments including Chicken of the Sea and buffalo wings coming from buffalo.

2 Popstars

Before X-factor and The Voice hit our screens, there was Pop Stars.  The British version created pop group Hear Say - former Hear Say member Kym Marsh has since found success on Corrie - and the Irish version gave us Six and Nadine Coyle's infamous fake search for her passport.

All together everyone, "WHAT DAYT OF BIRTH DID AY SAY NOW?.”


3 The Simple Life

The adventures of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie was a bit of craic back in the day. Two rich kids living the 'simple life' in the middle of small town America and saying 'That's hot' every five seconds? Gas.


4 The Hills


The reality TV series didn't air until 2006 but we're counting it cos it's such a goodie.

The show that centered on the woes of Lauren Conrad and her squad was dramatic and silly and we couldn't get enough. Watching Lauren and Heidi's friendship break down because of the latter's relationship with the master manipulator Spencer really pulled on our heart strings.


5 Big Brother

Yeah, yeah the programme is still running today, but who can forget the show's heyday? The Channel 4 series was as real as a reality show could get - the moment where Nick, dubbed Nasty Nick, was caught cheating by housemates was so scandalous at the time it made headlines. A positively tame episode by today's standards but still nostalgic gold.


6 The Osbournes

The family-based reality TV show that paved the way for others was a phenomenon back in the day. We loved the unconventionality - the slurring Ozzy, the straight-talking Sharon and the rebellious teens Kelly and Jack gave us some truly comical moments. Keeping up with who?


7 Punk'd

Another hit MTV series, before his marriages to Demi and Mila, Ashton Kutcher got great craic out of pranking celebrities in Punk'd.

Remember the first episode saw him reclaim Justin Timberlake's house and take his dogs. The tears from JT were real. You took my dogs?


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