New "Mighty Ducks" TV Series In Development

New "Mighty Ducks" TV Series In Development

Everyone's favourite childhood sports movie franchise, "The Mighty Ducks" may just be making a comeback to our television screens.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, original trilogy screenwriter, Steven Brill and producer Jordan Kerner are teaming backup to tell a new story about misfit youth hockey players in Minnesota.

The project has currently just gone into development and there is no television network attached yet, but ABC Signature (the production company developing the series) head, Tracy Underwood is apparently always on the lookout for old Disney titles that can be repackaged and will appeal to a global audience, and she hired Brill and Kerner to develop the new Ducks series.

Of course, if all goes well in the development stage one would have to assume it will end up on some sort of Disney owned channel, like ABC in the States or even possibly Disney's "coming soon" Netflix alternative.

No details have emerged yet on whether or not Emilio Estevez, the more well behaved of the Estevez/ Sheehan brothers, will reprise his role as businessman turned pee-wee hockey coach, Gordon Bombay as there hasn't been an official announcement on whether this will be a complete reboot of the originals or a new story that takes place a few decades after the originals took place.


The original films were so successful that when Disney won an NHL franchise for Anaheim, California in the early 90s that they named the team "The Mighty Ducks" and kitted the team out in basically the same jerseys that they use in the film. Disney has since sold the team and they are now simply known as "the Ducks".

The original trilogy of movies were a starting point for several very successful careers such as Joshua Jackson who played "Charlie Conway" going on to star as "Pacey" in Dawson's Creek, Kenan Thompson whose character "Russ Tyler" used the infamous "knucklepuck" move starred in Kenan and Kel and is currently on Saturday Night Live and Elden Henson who played "Fulton Reed" starred in The Hunger Games and Daredevil.

Get practicing your flying V with your street hockey team now!

Tony Kelly

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