Nicholas Sparks Calls Miley And Liam's Love Magic And We're All Swooning

Are Liam and Miley back together or not?! This is the question we're all pondering instead of actually doing our college assignments. We know that they've been seen together, but nothing has been confirmed yet. In a recent instagram post, she was wearing her engagement ring, which would indicate that something is going on. I mean, you don't just casually pop back on an engagemant ring, do you?

Well Nicholas Sparks, the director of The Last Song, the film that brought Liam and Miley together, is weighing in. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about the two, he said: "They’re both really terrific people, right? It was great watching them. You know, Liam was unknown…This was his first role, and of course, Miley was a superstar by that time, just so talented in so many ways… Really great to know that, you know, even after the breakup they remained friends."

I mean, come on Nicholas, stop being coy about them 'remaining friends.' They're way past that! He did say that there was something special about the two: "I might tend to believe there was a little bit of magic involved."



Well that cleared nothing up for us, FFS. If they're reading this, could Miley and Liam just let us know what the deal is so we can start believing in true love and soulmates and all that romantic shit.


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