The Sociology Of Miley Cyrus: Insane College Courses You Can Actually Take

So you're bored of studying comparative history, or boggled by maths that made school look laughably easy and want to change into something that will surely hold your interest better than the apparently interesting course you signed up for when you were hopelessly naive about college. Here's some inspiration for you all.

1) Guerilla Altruism: A Mini-Manual Of Subversive Activism

Fancy yourself a crusader against the 1%, or did the financial sinking of Seaworld feel like Christmas? Feeding into every student's secret desire to change the world in the edgiest way possible, this course in Temple University gives you the tools to occupy not only Wall Street but the world too.

2) Love, Lust And Relationships

We all see ourselves as the source of brilliant relationship advice, despite the fact that we actually rarely follow it. Find that your friends aren't trusting your stellar ideas - Why not wow them with this course from Syracuse University that covers everything you'd want to know about relationships.

3) An Introduction To Turntablism

Have the freshest playlists, most fire mixtapes and slickest beats, but still feel like you're missing something? This course in how to become a DJ offered by Oberlin Experimental College, will teach you how to master the decks and become the DJ you always wanted to be. Drop the beat.

4) Politicising Beyonce

One of the few things most college students can agree on, the very glue that holds universities together; the fact that Beyonce is Bae. She's fabulous, gorgeous and brilliant in every way. So why not study her importance in just about everything? In this course offered by Rutgars, analyse every one of her songs and videos. Dreeeeam.

5) The Art Of Walking


This course eradicates the stresses of college life by having all the discussion in class carried out during the daily walks through the countryside. Centre College Kentucky runs this course and they shit sure know the way to students hearts. Walk it off.

6) Oh Look, A Chicken!" Embracing Distraction As A Way Of Knowing

This course lets you do everything you shouldn't in lectures, by doing them anyway. Students get to doodle while listening to music, then get to write (reflections) about how they overcame the distractions we all should've grown out of in the first place.

7) Wasting Time On The Internet

All that you need are likely your two favourite things in life, a laptop and WiFi. No expensive textbooks, as everything is done online. All the interaction of this course in the University of Pennsylvania is done through social media, so why try and beat your Facebook addiction?

8) Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse: Disasters, Catastrophes And Human Behaviour

Think you're by far the most likely to survive the impending zombie apocalypse out of all your friends, and want a way to prove it to them? If studying human behaviour through the lens of a zombie apocalypse sounds more like your average night in, then this Michigan State Course is for you.

9) The Sociology Of Miley Cyrus

Like most of us, you grew up with the once innocent teen star who turned into a bizarre creature composed of aggressive nudity, drugs and bad hairstyles. What better means of studying the crazy world we live in, than to study a woman at its epicentre?

Jack Sargent
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Currently studying Law and trying to make sense of the great, big world we live in.

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