The Night King's Army Has Arrived And We Can't Wait For Episode Three

The Night King's Army Has Arrived And We Can't Wait For Episode Three

Spoiler Alert!!

If you haven't watched last nights episode of Game of Thrones, then divert your eyes this minute, I cannot be blamed with ruining peoples Game of Thrones viewing experience.

Last night's episode was full of heartwarming moments like cosy chats around the fire, Grey Worm and Missandei planning their future and that Arya and Gendry scene that has everyone talking. While all these bonding moments were happening ahead of the epic battle, Jon and Daenerys were preparing their battle plans, which mainly involve using Bran as bait to lure the Night King. It all played out perfectly to draw viewers in for the cliffhanger scene of the Night King's army arriving in Winterfell. At this point in the series, it's anyone's guess who will survive. What I do know is I will be anxiously watching next week's instalment through parted fingers.

Next week's episode will be 82 minutes long, the longest in the six-part season. Entitled 'The Night King is here', it is the biggest battle scene in television history. In anticipation of this battle scene, the fan theories are in overdrive. One observant Reddit user pointed out a major flaw in their plan of keeping the women and the children in the Winterfell crypt, as it's the 'safest place'. The crypt is where all the dead are kept, so probably not the safest place when you're are up against the Night King and the living dead. Some are even speculating that we may see the return of Ned Stark.


Watch Season 8 Episode three preview here:


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