The 7 Most Tragic Paddy's Day Floats Of All Time

The 7 Most Tragic Paddy's Day Floats Of All Time

A lot of people forget that there aren't just Paddy's Day floats in Dublin, parades happen all over Ireland, as well as all over the world. There are local parades everywhere in Ireland as well as upscale extravaganzas like in Chicago and New York.

However, one thing that doesn't get mentioned enough are the horrific floats from some of the non-Irish or smaller parades. There have been some seriously home-made affairs, including portaloos, completely un-Irish symbolism and some simply shite attempts.

We've decided to bring to your attention the worst Paddy's Day floats of all time.

1. This just screams, 'I put no effort in whatsoever'

2. Although this is hilarious, what the hell is going on


3. I'm lost for words...

4. Only in Kerry...


5. This is described as one of the 'better' floats

6. This was taken in New Orleans....


7. Finally what the hell is 'Snake Saturday'


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Ciara Finnegan

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