Pic: The S Club 7 Reunion Is A Dismal State Of Affairs

Pic: The S Club 7 Reunion Is A Dismal State Of Affairs

Once an iconic 90s group, the reunion pic for the bands' new tour is dire and fans aren't happy about this S Club 7 Reunion

It's official: 7 Club need to hang up their dungarees and stop moving to the rhythm ... well, until they can get all seven to do a reunion tour.

The iconic group was hoping to return to the main stage of pop but arguments between former couple Hannah and Paul, amongst other reasons, has dwindled the bands' number down to a dismal trio.

The Bring It All Back stars were hoping that their three members,  Tina, Jo, and Bradley, will be enough to get fans interested. The trio had a live performance at G-A-Y Heaven, almost 20 years after the group first formed and we can't imagine this empty promo pic had former fans reaching for their wallets...

Twitter wasn't happy with the reunion tour they were being sold and felt the image reminded them more of a crime drama then the happy go lucky pop group that salivates our 90s mind:


The band is obviously hoping to cash in on the success of 90s bands like Steps who have just completed a sold-out tour of Europe. Not every 90s band can cash in on their former glory. Remember the Sugababes? Look how that turned out! Let's remember this underrated Christmas song instead, back when S Club 7 wasn't having an identity crisis and we thought the S Club party would never end - Simple times:

Garret Farrell

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