Pop Culture Moments We Will Tell Our Children About

Have your parents ever randomly come out with a story about a celebrity you’ve never heard of, doing something ridiculous and you just can’t see the funny side of it even though they’re laughing so much they’re about to pee themselves.. Unfortunately, with age, we're also going to become old and nostalgic and these are the stories we’re going to remember and tell our kids while they too stare at us with blank expressions...

John Travolta’s Epic Fail

Kristen Stewart Cheating

Taylor Swift getting caught telling Harry Styles to..


Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift

Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars



Tom Cruise turning to scientology

Lindsay Lohan turning cray-cray

Kim Kardashian marrying Kris Humphries


And Then Kanye...

Kate and Wills' Wedding

Jonah Hill in his fat days


Miley’s VMA Performance

Charlie Sheehan going AWOL

Justin Bieber getting arrested


…and his paternity lawsuit

Cara Delevigne dating Michelle Rodriguez

Beyonce announcing her pregnancy on stage


Pauly D fathering some random girls baby..

Michael Jacksons death

Lady Gaga’s meat dress


The rise of One Direction

Simon Cowell stealing his best friends wife

The break up of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens


Amanda Bynes losing it

The Smith’s being absolutely disgusted

And of course, who could forget.. when Simon Cowell got egged.

Becky Fogarty
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I am a New Media & English student studying at the University of Limerick. I present my own radio show on ULFM and write a popular personal blog on wordpress: fogsfogarty.wordpress.com I also Vine and am very active on Twitter.

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