Ranking Irish Presidents By Their Big Dick Energy

Ranking Irish Presidents By Their Big Dick Energy

Big Dick Energy (BDE) is a recent phenomenon. It is an accolade only to be given to a select few, to those who are truly deserving. BDE is a powerful tool that's not based on your anatomy.

BDE can be found in everyone from Rihanna to Jeff Goldblum, it's a confident self-awareness that isn't cocky and your willingness to work with others and to learn. You definitely don't need to be a man and if anything it defeats the purpose if it's just men.

One group of people we haven't had to fully dissect their BDEness is our Irish Presidents. It's up to you, the Irish people, to rank the President with the biggest Big Dick Energy. Remember, you're looking for understated confidence, likability and their general good vibes. You cannot try to have, or to give off a sense of BDE, you either have it and exude it from every pore in your body, or you don't. They're someone who doesn't care if they have Big Dick Energy:



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