The Coffee Shop From 'Friends' Is Opening In New York!

The infamous coffee shop, Central Perk, from our favourite sitcom 'Friends' is opening up in New York City this September! It's been 20 years since our lovable 90s icons first began spending their days drinking coffee in what is the most recognizable scene in tv history.

The pop up coffee shop will be located in downtown Manhattan and fans will be able to enjoy a great cup of joe with added perks! Gunther from the show, will be making several appearances in the coffee shop, visitors will be able to take photos on the actual orange couch from the set of the show, along with a tonne of signature props and a show-themed backdrop.

There will also be weekly performances to add some musical flair to Central Perk, with "Smelly Cat" and more of Phoebe's improvised songs being covered. There are special guests to appear alongside Gunther which will turn out to be a 'Friends' phenomenon for fans of the show!


Ian Smith
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