“Where do you spend your €400,000?” Richard E. Grant Questions Ray D'Arcy Over Salary

“Where do you spend your €400,000?” Richard E. Grant Questions Ray D'Arcy Over Salary

Let's face it, there is probably not too many of you who stayed in Saturday night to watch the Ray D'Arcy, but here's what you missed out on. Oscar-nominated actor Richard E. Grant was interviewed by Ray D'Arcy and the moments that followed were TV gold. Much to Ray D'Arcy's surprise, when referencing the presenters Wikipedia page, Grant asked straight out "Where do you spend your €400,000 salary, Ray?".

In December of last year, RTÉ revealed the earnings of its highest-paid presenters for 2016 and the figures were eye-watering. The Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy was the highest paid presenter earning €495,000 per annum. Ray D'Arcy was the second highest paid presenter for the State Broadcaster earning €450,000 per annum, an increase of €50,000 from the previous year. These figures were met with criticism for the public, however, RTE defended their decision insisting that the presenter was "Good value for money".

On Saturday night's interview, it was quite refreshing to see the interviewee and esteemed actor turn the questioning back on the presenter. Ray D' Arcy's jaw nearly dropped at the turn the line of questioning had taken. He was left speechless and just awkwardly laughed as the audience applauded.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions to the interview:


For anyone who may be unfamiliar with the always entertaining in interviews Richard E. Grant, he is British, Swazi actor, known for his long-standing career across film and TV. Grant is currently promoting his widely-acclaimed film Can You Ever Forgive Me? with Bridesmaids actress Melissa McCarty.

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