Watch: Game Of Thrones Star Has Perfect Response To 'Redundant' Question

Watch: Game Of Thrones Star Has Perfect Response To 'Redundant' Question

It's the series everyone is talking about. The season premiere aired Monday morning and has set the scene for the season ahead. There was an unexpected cameo appearance from Mac from Its Always Sunny, that slightly bizarre scene with Jon Snow and  Daenerys Targaryen with the dragons and loads more that had people talking about possible outcomes around the water cooler on Tuesday.

There are a lot of different talking points in relation to Game of Thrones, one of these talking points is the role of women in the series. Game of Thrones actress Gemma Whelan, who plays Yara Greyjoy was recently interviewed by Sky News. For anyone who hasn't watched Game of Thrones, Yara is a badass woman in a man's world fighting to defend her claim to the Kingdom of the Iron Islands.

In the interview, she was asked about the argument of the show and whether it empowers or objectifies women. When asked what her view is on this common argument, Gemma has the perfect response. She starts off by saying that she feels the show empowers women and it is empowering for her personally playing Yara. She then reveals the most common question she is asked:

The question I’m asked most often is, ‘What’s it like to play such a strong female character?’ And I think it’s such a redundant question because women by default are strong, and independent and free, and all the sort of spectrum of emotions as are men.

But men are never asked, ‘What’s it like to play a strong man.

You can watch the interview here:


The perfect response summed up in a few short lines, we applaud you, Gemma.



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