Hilarious Interview With Gemma Collins Doesn't Go To Plan, And The Towie Star Wants To Sell Her Sex Tape

Hilarious Interview With Gemma Collins Doesn't Go To Plan, And The Towie Star Wants To Sell Her Sex Tape

One of the biggest Towie stars to grace our TV, Gemma Collins, or the G.C, is in the midst of doing P.R for her new book, The GC: How To Be Diva. She's been doing nation-wide tours to promote her book, appearing on shows, doing magazine interviews, whatever she can do to spread the word.

Her new book, does exactly what it says on the tin. Guide you through how to be a Diva. Gemma has claimed her new book is bigger than the Bible. In an interview with Heat Magazine, the G.C explains:

‘You know how that touches out hearts and everything? My book does the same. It spreads happiness and it’s not the sort of book you’ll read once either – you’ll go back to it and back to it. I cannot stop reading it.’

In the latest interview she did with Now magazine, Gemma really shows off her Diva skills, after the interview didn't go quite as planned.

The article includes a detailed account of what was said exactly during the interview, where the interviewer had not read Gemma's book. The first question that threw her off went like this:

Interviewer: "So tell us about the book, How did it come about?" To which Gemma replied,"Have you read it, hun?"

This is where things started to go sour, but still as entertaining as ever.


Interviewer: "No, I haven't I'm afraid."

Gemma: "OK, so you're doing this interview without doing any research on the book, or read the book or anything?"

Interviewer: "I wasn't sent it..."

P.R team: "It's only been sent out to certain people, and it's not out yet. She'd have been lucky to have already read a copy."

Gemma to interviewer: "Who do you work for?"

Interviewer: "Now Magazine."


Gemma to PR: "All these questions need to be about the book and if they haven't got the book in front of them then"

PR: "They would have been briefed on the book though"

Gemma to interviewer: "Oh have you been briefed on the book, hun?"

Interviewer: "Yes."

Gemma: "All right, go for it then! What is it you wanted to ask me?"

After this little melt-down, the magazine went and printed the interview as is, only to really show the real diva that is Gemma Collins. During the interview Gemma, 37, continues to scold the interviewer for not having read her book, and if Big Brother has taught us anything, it's that you don't want to be on the wrong side of the G.C.


This kind of interview was really appreciated by Now magazine's readers, and many are praising the writer for making the move to write it out as it is, really allowing us to get to know the drama queen that is G.C.

Gemma has also been in the headlines recently for claiming she has made a sex-tape that she is willing to sell for £1 million. In an interview with the sun, Gemma says “I just made it because I was in love with my partner and I really fancied him, and always wanted to look at it again. It is on an iPhone somewhere in my house."

She also reckons it would top Kim Kardashian West's sex-tape. “I do feel my sex tape would knock Kim K off her pedestal. But I’d need a million for it.”

The ultimate Diva will be releasing her book June 28th, and will show you how to follow in her footsteps as one of the worlds biggest Divas.

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Grainne Sharkey

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