Tunes From 2008 That Were On Every First Year's iPod

Tunes From 2008 That Were On Every First Year's iPod

It's 2008 again and everyone, including your Mam, is learning the 'Single Ladies' dance. 2008 was a mad year wasn't it? Your one Gaga burst onto the scene,  and no one knew what to make of her, and Taylor Swifts 'Love Story' was the soppiest song of 2008, hands down.

Some have argued that 2008 was the year that pop culture peaked and we kind of see why. Has the world had anybody as influential or as pop culturally symbolic as Gaga? Has anything been as bad as Twilight, apart from its fan fiction brother Fifty Shades. Has there been a trend as big as shutter shades? With all that being said, it's time to remember these 21 songs emblematic of a time long ago. Side note: don't blame us if you end up feeling ancient:

1. 'Single Ladies' - Beyoncé

2. 'Live Your Life' - TI


3. 'American Boy' - Estelle

4. 'The Galway Girl' - Sharon Shannon & Mundy


5. 'Shut Up And Let Me Go' - The Ting Tings

6. 'Closer' - Neyo


7. 'Pocketful Of Sunshine' - Natasha Bedingfield

8. 'Bleeding Love' - Leona Lewis


9. 'Use Somebody' - Kings Of Leon

10. 'Apologize' - Timbaland


11. 'All I Ever Wanted' - Basshunter

12. 'All Summer Long' - Kid Rock


13. 'Just Dance' - Lady Gaga

14. 'Don't Stop The Music' - Rihanna


15. 'Love In This Club' - Usher

16. 'No Air' - Jordan Sparks


17. 'Paper Planes' - MIA

18. 'Forever' - Chris Brown


19. 'Touch My Body' - Mariah Carey

20. 'Sweet About Me' - Gabriella Cilmi


21. 'Hot N' Cold' - Katy Perry

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