9 UNREAL Songs You Only Know Because Of TV Shows

9 UNREAL Songs You Only Know Because Of TV Shows

There's nothing better than songs you know from TV shows.

They get you singing along like a lunatic and put you in your 'happy place' while instantly conveying a mood and making you cry your eyes out. They can also make the TV show itself iconic and have catapulted bands to stardom overnight. However, there are some songs that without the TV show itself, we would have no idea about the band's existence.

For that we salute the bands that should be living with their mam but instead, are living it up.

1. Gavin DeGraw - I Don't Wanna Be - One Tree Hill

This song is iconic in itself, however, who has ever heard of any other song by Gavin DeGraw?


2. The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You - Friends

So no one told you life was gonna' be this way? *CH CH CH CH*. It's such a deadly song but the only one we've ever heard from the Rembrandts.

3. Colin Hay - Overkill - Scrubs

The scene in which Colin Hay follows JD around while singing is one of the best of the series. It perfectly captures JD's emotional state at the time.


4. Leno - I'm No Superman - Scrubs

Once you hear the opening of this song you immediately think of Scrubs.


5. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek - The OC

ICONIC. This was one of the most shocking scenes in any TV show ever. When Marissa shoots Trey everyone literally lost their shit.

6. Phantom Planet - California - The OC

That classic drole of 'Californiaaaaaaaa', will forever be embedded in our hearts.


7. Greg Laswell - Off I Go -Greys Anatomy

As anyone who's a fan of the show will know, the scene in which George and Izzy die is one of the most heartbreaking in TV history, prepare to sob all over again.


8. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air -Will Smith

You have to admit it's one of the catchiest theme songs ever written. Everyone knows the words so they can show off at parties how class of a rapper they are.

9. Finally: Chaos Chaos - Do You Feel It? -Rick and Morty

The song perfectly encapsulates the inner torture felt by loveable asshole, Rick Sanchez, fans were devastated.



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