Teachers Tell Reddit The Worst Excuses From Students For Being Late

Teachers Tell Reddit The Worst Excuses From Students For Being Late

Lying about being late or why you didn't go to school is a right of passage. We've all done it. Turning off snooze, missing the bus, spending the day on the mitch or just being bad at time management are all reasons why we're late or marked as absent.

When you were growing up a friend or brother and sister would sign your diary or include some strange note about why you couldn't go to school that day. We've often wondered what our teachers really thought of these messages and random reasons.

Reddit decided to do an amazing thing and gather the worse lies and stories students have told teachers to get away with being late or absent. Here are the Reddit users, both teachers, and students, who shared their truly bizarre stories:


It was my very first day as a teacher. I had a student come in saying "Sorry, I was helping a cow give birth". I didn't believe him until he showed me the photos


I had a Mom pick her kids up early because she wanted to go feed elephants



Student here. My cat learned to turn off my alarm clock. Professor took it as a bad lie.

weeble 182

Not a teacher but my friend once walked in the middle of a class, sat down and said 'sorry I'm late, I had to fight off a drug addict who wanted to steal my bike'. The teacher pulled a face of disbelief, my friend held up his bloodied knuckles and the lesson simply continued.


Well I was the student in this story, but I told the teacher my bus caught on fire, she didn't believe me until the principal called her to not mark late kids as absent because a bus had caught on fire and some kids were walking or waiting for a new bus.



Not a teacher but I was the student. My younger brother has Pica and ate my homework one time when I was in middle school. I brought the part that hadn't been gnawed on in.

Coldstainless Naill

...My brother was a college professor and a student said he was either going to be late or miss an exam because he lost someone's eyes. He was a courier for an organ transplant group.


I gave the excuse that I was late because I peed on my cat. No one believed me...my cat would always follow me around the house just trying to get my attention which is usually fine until he jumped onto the toilet that I was peeing in to see what I was doing, resulting in him getting his face pissed on. I spent the next 20 minutes chasing him around the house to clean him off before he covered every bit of furniture with my piss.



During the first class of the day, a 7th grader told me he couldn't do his homework because he spent the night in a hotel after their home was invaded by wasps. "That's a stretch," I thought. Ten minutes later, phone rings. Kid's mom apologizing for not sending a note but she just got a chance to call.

Yep, paper wasps built a nest in their exterior wall and somehow punched a hole into the house. The family is eating dinner when the entire floor level filled with wasps and they just noped right out to a hotel for the night with a change of clothes.


Walked into class with blood all over my shirt. The instructor was too surprised to remember to mark me late... Nosebleed.

Wow - It looks like we weren't that bad after all. Let us know your story in the comment section. Here is the full Reddit thread.

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