We Think We Know Who'll Die In The Eastenders Gas Explosion

We Think We Know Who'll Die In The Eastenders Gas Explosion

At least one character will meet their maker as an EastEnders gas explosion is set to ignite carnage on screen in upcoming weeks.

It's been a while since we've witnessed a big stunt on the show but that's all about to change according to The Sun. The blaze is set to happen at the Walford in Bloom event and at least one pivotal character will die with much more left fighting for their lives. No doubt, the event will spark (any excuse for a pun) a succession of storylines as we see the aftermath played out on screen.

The BBC soap has come under criticism in the past year for focusing on mundane stories rather than dramatic content. Former head of the show Diedreck Santer, recently spoke out about its' poor state, at the Edinburgh television festival, saying it had "gone the wrong way."

Santer who was executive producer between 2006 and 2010 says the soap has “not been brilliant in the last few months” and that he has “not found it massively watchable." Under Santer's reign, storylines like the Ronnie and Danielle drama and Stacey's bipolar played out on-screen and were well received by viewers.

With the recent trials and tribulations of the residents and their bins failing to get pulses racing, it's not surprising that producers want to throw an exciting story into the mix. Will the EastEnders gas explosion be the one to get fans talking for the right reasons?


There are no flies on fans either as a few eagle eyed viewers spotted that something was gonna go down, with characters on the show moaning about the noise of work going on in the area. Signs of gas work also featured in some scenes.



While we don't know yet whether the explosion is a tragic accident or something far more sinister, the plot is set to be linked to revealing Max Branning's secret revenge plan.

We've seen Max blackmailing Stephen Beale into helping him with his evil schemes and we know Aaron Sidwell who plays the role of Stephen is leaving in the next few weeks so could he be the one to die? Or will be lights out for someone else?

Either way, the EastEnders gas explosion is one to watch out for if you're a fan of the soap.

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