Tommy Tiernan Talks Turning 50 And Social Pressures In Interview

Tommy Tiernan Talks Turning 50 And Social Pressures In Interview

He's our favourite Irish comedian with a career that spans television, stand-up comedy and presenting. We remember Tommy Tiernan from as far back as when he played Father Kevin, the suicidal priest on Father Ted. The scene where his smile slowly fades as he's sitting on the bus listening to Radiohead- Exit Music, is one that is referred to time and time again by people who communicate solely through Father Ted references. In his most recent television role, he plays the 'Da Gerry in Derry Girls. In this role, Tiernan perfectly depicts your typical Irish dad. In an interview on the Ryan Tubridy Show on RTÉ Radio 1, Tommy spoke about turning 50, resuming drinking alcohol after ten years of abstinence and the societal pressures on mothers.

Speaking about the societal pressures on mothers to be tactile and openly loving, Tommy says:

We need to take pressure off women who don't feel that motherhood suits them. I would imagine 98% of the mothers in Ireland are wonderful and caring and sharing. My mother was a marvelous woman, but there was just a kind of instinctive reserve she had or a discomfort she had around me. It's important every now and again to take the pressure off people.
Tommy turns 50 next month and plans on marking the occasion with a silent retreat at a Buddhist monastery in Co Clare:
I'm doing a daft thing, there's an opportunity to go on a silent retreat for ten days, so that's where I will be on my birthday. No talking for ten days, meditating for five hours after lunchtime, no food... none of my friends want to come...
We are all so busy and we are all flying around, so it takes three days of looking at a spot on the floor for your body to come back to you. You leave calm as the breeze and it's beautiful. I've done it twice before, I've found that it sets me up in a wonderful place for the summer.
Tommy Tiernan is currently mid-run with the third series of The Tommy Tiernan Show which has received unanimous praise from both critics and viewers, with 92% of Google users liking the TV show. When discussing alcohol, Tommy said that working as a comedian with live comedy performances coupled with his television series means that he regularly operates "on a high". He recently resumed drinking after ten years of abstinence:
I really enjoy drinking now, it's not to the same extent as when I was younger. I just think that every now and again, that thing of losing control, I'm not sure it's an altogether bad thing.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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