Tonight's Graham Norton Show Includes One Of The Worlds Sexiest Men

Tonight's Graham Norton Show Includes One Of The Worlds Sexiest Men

Graham and his red chair return tonight with three special guests. This week's episode looks spectacularly tame as Graham has on only three guests, a fraction of the circus of people that have been huddling around the couch in recent iterations of the show. However, one guest who's likely to cause a bit of stir is Orlando Bloom.

The British actor, whose currently Katy Perry's other half, will be sharing stories about his new role on the West End in Killer Joe. The heartthrob caused an online storm two years ago when paparazzi took pictures of him surfing completely starkers. Fingers crossed Graham makes the audience do some kind of nude bodysuit surfing challenge.

Graham's other guest includes comedian Stephen Merchant. Merchant, a regular on the couch, is talking about his new animation Sherlock Gnomes and we're sure he'll be making jokes about Graham's next guest the UK's Eurovision entry Surie.

The singer will be hoping to take home the Eurovision crown in May with her song 'Storm' but with tough competition and the fall out from Brexit, she's not likely to win.


Tune in to BBC One tonight at 10.35 to watch all the shenanigans unfold.

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