Viewers Were Not Happy About The Final Task In Last Night's I'm A Celeb

Viewers Were Not Happy About The Final Task In Last Night's I'm A Celeb

By its very nature, I'm A Celeb isn't meant to be easy.

Throwing people in the vast expanses of the Australian jungle, with 24-hour surveillance in the guise of reality television, isn't exactly a cake walk.

Of course, their suffering makes for brilliant entertainment, and last night was no different.

On last night's live bushtucker trial, the campmates were summoned for a Love Island-based challenge, unfortunately with no Ovie in sight. The objectives were to win all stars necessary in order for each campmate to enjoy a roast dinner.

There were four different challenges in the trial, each one as difficult as the last. Firstly,  Ian, Jacqueline and Caitlyn did a ‘pied off’ challenge. The trio had to fish out stars from a huge pie using only their mouths, which all three managed to achieve, though Ian needed a second go.

Then, Adele, Cliff, James and Roman had to transfer pig testicles from mouth to mouth, again getting three stars.

The third challenge tasked the campmates with taking a dip 'in the croc tub'. They faced a hot tub filled with baby crocodiles, all while aiming to down Love Island-themed cocktails (or 'croctails', if you will). Ian just managed to keep his drink down, with the team getting another three stars.


However, it was the final challenge which elicited uproar from viewers. James and Roman had to transfer stars from one box to another, with a menagerie of creatures within the boxes. The duo ran out of time, unable to get all three stars, thus meaning Ian, Andy and Cliff were the only three campmates to receive a roast dinner.

The viewers were not happy:



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