Vin Diesel Has Released His Debut Single And It's... Not Bad

Vin Diesel Has Released His Debut Single And It's... Not Bad

Vin Diesel isn't a man that you'd anticipate to hear sifting through Irish radio stations during the afternoon.

Yet, the 53 year old (that's right, he's 53, which is ludicrous in itself) has decided to step out of his comfort zone and release a single. Having gauged the actor from his notable roles throughout his career, particularly in the Fast And Furious franchise, it's hard to discern what genre of music he would want to delve into.

Tropical house was certainly not what we had in mind.

Diesel enlisted the help of Kygo to produce the track 'Feel Like I Do', with it being released through Kygo's Palm Tree Records.

On the collaboration, Vin Diesel said that Kygo was "one of the first people who believed" in him stepping into the music industry, so it made sense that they worked together.

The track debuted on The Kelly Clarkson Show, which is a strange enough place to be during COVID...



Speaking on the release on his Instagram page, Diesel put up a heartfelt message accompanied by a truly hilarious photo of himself masquerading as a brick wall.

You can listen to the track below. It's pretty much radio fodder, but for a first release at the age of 53, it's certainly not the worst attempt you're going to here.

Is this the beginning of a stellar music career for Vin Diesel? Will we see him during festival season in 2021? We certainly hope so...

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