Horses On The Luas: A Collection Of The Weirdest Things People Have Witnessed In Ireland

Horses On The Luas: A Collection Of The Weirdest Things People Have Witnessed In Ireland

Ireland is a truly unique place. It's full of weird and wonderful happenings that are truly unique to our little island. So when we came across this Reddit thread we couldn't handle some of the hilarious stories.

With everything from someone trying to board the Luas with a horse, to a dog in a buggy dressed as a child, it can really only go up from there. Here are some of the weirdest thing people have witnessed from all over Ireland.


1. "One night I was on Bray beach at like 4am and there was a woman walking along the beach in a wedding dress by herself. Scared the shite out of me."


2. "A dog in a pram, dressed in baby clothes. This was around St Stephen's Green area."

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3. "Saw a traveller walk fully clothed out of the ocean in Salthill. It was like some kind of determined superhero walk from fully submerged to striding manfully up the beach. He then hammered back a can of linden village. Classy times."


4. "Saw a fella trying to get on the Luas at the Red Cow with a fully grown horse."

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5. "Two years ago down in someone's shop town in south Tipp there was this massive housing estate with "nearly sold out, phase 2 coming in 2007!" I think there were about 30 completed houses and only two occupied by a couple of relocated feud families from Moyross."


6. "An elderly, unkempt, mumbling man on the bus drinking a can of Guinness then throwing it out the window."

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7. This final post it perhaps one of the greatest Irish moments ever recorded

"are you ready for a story from last night?" from ireland

Oh Ireland, never change.


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