Tonight's Graham Norton Show Will Have You Sweating

Tonight's Graham Norton Show Will Have You Sweating

It wouldn't be Friday without Graham and tonight we get a double whammy with the Cork native.

The Graham Norton Show will include the Queen of comedy Whoopi Goldberg and singer Harry Connick.

Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey are in for an extra special treat as Jamie Doran will be on the show to talk about his latest movie A Private War with Rosamund Pike. The Down man is frequently voted one of the sexiest men in Hollywood.

Pike is known for her break out role in Gone Girl and will star in Radioactive, a movie about Nobel price winning Marie Curie.


The actors will be joined by musical guest BTS, a k-pop band being dubbed as the next One Direction. Their the first Korean band to make the top 40 in the UK.

Not only will Graham be chatting to his usual host of celebs, he'll also be chatting to Ryan Tubridy about his latest book A Keeper on The Late Late Show.

The Graham Norton Show will start at 10.35 pm on BBC One and The Late Late Show will air live from London at 9.35 pm on RTÉ One.

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