A 2005 Bop Has Made A Comeback As A Gas Viral Meme

A 2005 Bop Has Made A Comeback As A Gas Viral Meme

Every now and again a meme takes hold of pop culture and strikes a chord with people across the globe.

Today that meme is September, no, not the month but the forgotten pop star of the noughties whose hit song 'Cry' broke into the top ten on the Irish charts back in 2005.

The song was a huge hit with Irish teen disco goers at a time when Cascada and Basshunter were more popular with teenagers than O'Neill's tracksuit bottoms.

Now, fans of the song have turned it into a viral meme for a second time in the last five years and this time its taken on a whole other life:



Fans of the meme and the song have turned to Twitter to thank whoever wished the meme back into existence:


September has yet to respond to the viral moment. The Swedish singer hasn't been active under that name since 2012 so I guess she stayed true to her word...

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