11 Signs You're With The Wrong Person

11 Signs You're With The Wrong Person

One of the most difficult things to accept in a long-term relationship is that it's coming to an end. It can single-handedly rip your heart to shreds, especially if it's not something you were expecting. Here are some signs that your relationship is coming to an end because you're with the wrong person...

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1) You're always first to text in the mornings.

Waking up to a text from the person you love is one of the best feelings known to man. It means that before you were even conscious, your partner was thinking about you. However, constantly being the one doing the thoughtful texting can get tiring FAST. If you're the only one sending the morning texts, chances are your partner is happy to sit back and let you do all the work. Not how relationships should be, basically.

2) They're always first to hang up the phone.

Again, you more than likely make all the phone calls because your partner never has credit (or whatever other shitty excuse they give), but they're more than likely always going to say goodbye first. If every phone call ends with "I have to go now", your partner obviously has better things to be doing than talking to you.

3) Sexy time has turned into cuddle time.

Going to bed with the person you're madly in love with should be an exhilarating feeling every time without fail. The connection the two of you share should be so overwhelming that you can't keep your hands off each other. But if your partner would rather snuggle into your shoulder than get on top of you, that's a sure fire sign they're losing interest in a massive way.

4) They never screenshot your Snapchats anymore.

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It shouldn't matter whether it's a morning selfie or a dolled-up I'm-so-hot pose, your partner should be loving each and every picture you send them. The best kind of relationship is when your partner loves you even without the make-up or the short skirts. If that isn't the case in your relationship, it's likely they're only with you for the sake of it.

5) You only meet up when it suits them.

Another sign you might be with the wrong person is if they're only free to meet up on their terms. You could have a busier schedule than they do and can only meet up on the weekends but if that doesn't suit them, you won't be seeing them.

6) Compliments are a thing of the past.

Nothing beats the person you love telling you that you look beautiful or noticing the haircut you've gotten. Unfortunately, if you're not getting at least one compliment a day, chances are your partner doesn't appreciate the small things about you that they really should.

7) They're not afraid to check out other people in front of you.

You know you're in the wrong relationship when your partner freely and unashamedly gawks at other people when you're with them. This can be one of the most hurtful ways of bashing your self-esteem and is something your partner should never be caught doing. I repeat, never.

8) You haven't been in their profile picture/on their Instagram in months.

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Being in someone's profile picture is one of the biggest ego-boosters you can receive through social media, particularly when it's the person you're with. They want everyone they're friends with to know that they're in a fulfilling relationship and couldn't not to show off their other half. However, if you haven't appeared in their pictures in weeks or months, that's a worrying sign.

9) They're perfectly happy going to sleep before midnight, even when you're staying over.

Ouch. If your partner is ready to fall asleep before the night has even began (in your mind, at least), you know they're not happy. Like we said already, going to bed should be the time when you enjoy each other's company; not drift off into the land of nod immediately and every time.

10) They couldn't give a flying f*ck what your favourite song of the moment is.

Or your favourite restaurant, or your favourite colour, or your favourite movie. Basically, they don't care about the small things that make you you, and that is never good. Your partner should want to know everything there is to know about you; they shouldn't be content with knowing the bare minimum.

11) They've already hinted at breaking up on more than one occasion.

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If the person you're with has mentioned taking a break or even breaking up completely, you're headed for disaster. If they really love you, breaking up should be the last thing on their mind. So if they drop the hint, get ready to pack your (emotional) bags because it's clear they want out.

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