20 Life Lessons You Learn During Your First Year At Uni

So, lots of learning, studying, and punctuality, obviously.

1. Freshers’ Week. Time to go and mature into an adult.

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2. Or not, as the case may be.

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3. Because you’ll quickly realise that a few glasses of wine is the best social lubricant.

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4. Especially when you first get to the SU and realise that you don’t know anyone who has arrived yet.

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5. The nights start out harmless enough…

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6. …but it doesn’t take too long until it devolves to this.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via geekygirl.minus.com

7. (Ahem.)

Courtesy of Netflix / Via geekygirl.minus.com

8. See, falling in love is the easy bit. Remembering their name on the other hand…

Courtesy of Netflix / Via uproxx.com

9. Just be warned, word travels kinda fast.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via dorkbait.tumblr.com

10. People forget that you’re still getting the hang of kissing at 18.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via wifflegif.com

11. Your sexting game probably needs some work too.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via Buzzfeed

12. In fact, the chat in general is largely utter nonsense.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via gifwave.com

13. Not least when you’re stumbling home.

Courtesy of Netflix / Viadaredevildaily.tumblr.com


14. Of course, there’s always that competition to see what the craziest thing you can bring back from a night out is.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via wengles.tumblr.com

15. Just be prepared for the consequences the morning after.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via sandandglass.tumblr.com

16. Because you’ll make mistakes. Boy, you’ll make some mistakes.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via gifatron.com

17. Like spending €120 on that gym membership.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via indiewire.com

18. Or getting off with one of your flatmates.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via epicdash.com

19. Ultimately, you just have to own it. Whatever you’re doing, own it all.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via mashable.com

20. And get right back on that horse.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via out.com

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