Guys, Here Are Easy Ways To Get Girls (That Don't Include The Gym)

With the popularity of shows like Geordie and Jersey Shore in recent years, there has been a rise in the gym culture prevalent amongst young guys. While there's nothing wrong with using the gym as a form of exercise to improve health, appearance and athletic performance, many of our men rely on it as their main weapon to get girls. Don’t get me wrong, improving your physique helps a lot in this respect, and many ‘gym rats’ are a huge hit with the ladies, but the reality is that it’s not for everyone. Busting your gut in the gym with the aim of getting girls, and forgetting the other important factors in the equation of ‘getting laid’, will mean you may leave the nightclub looking massive and ripped, but you will likely leave it alone. So what should you men be focusing on instead? Here at CollegeTimes, we have a few tips to help you out if the gym isn’t your thing. Here are easy ways to get girls (that don't include the gym).

Look Stylish

This is important because looking different in some slick clothes like blazers and jackets will draw attention to you and separate you from the Geordie Shore tribute acts dotted around the place. You may look ‘jacked’ in that tight T-shirt, but the fact is, around one hundred other guys are wearing the exact same thing. Don’t always go for the ‘stud’ look, as it may emit the message, “I am a meat head and all I do is lift weights”, you don’t want that. Instead of spending all your money on protein and supplements which, frankly, don’t make that much of a difference, take a trip to the shops and splash out on some nice threads. It helps, trust me.


Girls like to dance, but boys, not so much. If you’re a lad who can dance well though, you stand a good chance of pulling. It’s all about separating yourself from the standard idea of what a girl expects. Some scientific studies have found women relate dancing to sexual performance, it’s the “Vertical expression of a horizontal desire”, so it may be worth your time learning some good moves. Shuffling, for example, is a big hit these days, and it looks unbelievable when done properly. So get on your dancing shoes because as soon as you get better, you'll have the ladies queuing up like bodybuilders to a bench press.


Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Many lads place such emphasis on lifting weights as the only way to get in good shape; the reality is that there are many alternatives out there, and cheaper ones at that. One is to eat well because without a good diet it's difficult to get in good condition. Make eating well a habit and combine this with a new form of exercise that challenges your body in different ways (yoga, swimming or boxing) and you'll be amazed at how your body changes. Who knows, you may even meet some girls at whatever new activity you take up.

Have Decent Conversational Skills

Probably the most important thing on this list is actually knowing how to approach girls and hold a conversation. The reality is that most girls won’t make the first move, no matter how big your arms are, or whether you hit one hundred kg on the bench press today. So it's up to you to go over and talk. It’s no value being a monster at the bottom of a squat if you turn into a bumbling fool when it comes to saying hello to a pretty girl. So treat your interactions with girls like you would the gym; if you want to get better at pull-ups then do more pull ups, and the same principle applies with the ladies. Practice makes perfect. This requires you to ‘grow a pair’, aka something that doesn’t get bigger in the gym. Good luck!

Colman Corrigan

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