Hilarious – This Dublin Guy Has Gone To Extreme Lengths To Flog His Sofa

Hilarious – This Dublin Guy Has Gone To Extreme Lengths To Flog His Sofa

Some people will go to any lengths to make a sale – and that's definitely true of this Dublin lad who's trying to shift a sofa on DoneDeal.

Perhaps feeling that €50 was a bit of an optimistic asking price, he's sought to increase its appeal... by describing it as a 'magical time-travelling' piece of furniture.

The ad reads:

Fancy a sojourn back to medieval times, or perhaps a look forward to see what life will be like in the 30th Century? Curious about what The Beatles were like in concert, or want to see how Beyoncé retains her fierceness into her 70s?

Then look no further!

All you need to do is close your eyes, rotate your ankles three times and softly whisper the year to which you want to travel – this gorgeous piece of furniture looks after the rest, all in glorious, plush comfort.



Sounds good to us... although he does clarify that the so-called 'magical' abilities are subject to some strict terms and conditions.

*Time-travelling abilities only available to registered timelords. Time-travel not guaranteed. Sofa does not fly.

Worth a shot, surely?

You can check out the ad here.

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