12 Signs Your Sarcasm Is Out Of Control

Sarcasm is funny. Not everyone gets it and some people absolutely can't stand it. That's what makes it so much fun. Like anything fun though it's easy to let it get out of control. At some point you're gonna have to reign it in a little and actually be sincere once in a while. Sickening, I know.

1. People have stopped talking to you.

I'm gonna miss human company.


2. You can't tell when you're sincere anymore.

Your cat went missing? That's really sad to hear. I'm crushed.



3. Everyone thinks you're a bitch.

You might be. Sometimes you aren't though.


4. Nobody takes you seriously anymore.

Goddammit I wasn't making a joke that time!



5. You can't talk about things you like because everyone thinks you hate it.

I just think that they're so original, probably the best band around. No, really.




6. You don't realize when you're being sarcastic.

Wait....did I mean that?


7. You can't stop yourself from making a sarcastic comment.

It's like a tick. It's out before you even know you've said it.



8. It frustrates you when you find someone that doesn't get sarcasm.

No, I didn't mean that literally.



9. It worries you how good it feels.


It shouldn't feel this nice putting someone down. Maybe I am a bitch.

10. Your mortal enemy is another sarcastic person.

Sarcasm is my thing you dick.


11. Sincerity is really hard to turn back on.


Shit what does it sound like again? It's been so long.


12. Even your friends find it hard to tell when you're joking.

Guys, laugh.



Video: Problems People Who Are Always Joking Understand



Credit: BuzzFeedYellow

Sean Quigley

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