14 Signs Your Best Mate Is A Bad Influence On You

Do you ever feel like maybe your best mate is a little bit of a shitty influence on you? We all have friends who when you say "fine, I'll go for one pint" they make you stay out till 3am doing shots. But what about the sly little feckers of mates who you somehow always end up at dodgy after sessions with? While it's good to have friends who will take you out of your comfort zone and get you trying new things, it's not so good when you've ended up in A&E getting your stomach pumped because of them. So, here are a few red flags that might indicate that your BFF might not be the best of influences on you...

1. You Can't Remember The Last Time You Handed In An Essay On Time/Went To A Lecture Because Of Them

2. You End Up Being Talked Into Leaving The Nice, Safe Party To Go To An After Sesh In The Dodgiest Apartment With The Weirdest Lads

3. They Made You Watch The Shining When You Were 11 And You Haven't Slept Properly Since


4. They Say Stuff Like "Totally Start That 'Cut Back On Junk Food' Tomorrow. I Literally Just Baked Cookies AND Brownies!"

5. They Are The King/Queen Of Pranks...Because They Are Immature Fuckers

6. You Actually Thought It Might Be A Good Idea To Ask Out This Ride From The Gym Because They Persuaded You To (It Wasn't)



7. Your Piercing Is All Thanks To Them

8. Ditto Your Tattoo/Insane New Hair Colour


9.  One of Their Go-To Phrases Is "Hey, Life Is Short. YOLO."

10. Their Drama Becomes Your Drama, And They Always Have Drama

11. They Encourage You To Stay Out Late With Them Even Though Your College Finals Are At 9am The Next Morning


12. Copying Your College Work Is Just Standard

13. "Just Ask Your Mam For More Money"

14. They've Hacked Your Tinder More Times Than You Wanna Admit


Video: Are Your Friends a Good or Bad Influence? Part 2

Credit: RealfaithTV

Aoife Loughnane

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